Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes it is better to keep your opinions

Often times I must shut my mouth. Most of those times I would prefer not to. I guess maybe that is how the customers that just vomit words without thinking of the consequence feel too. They would rather say what they have to say and think that somehow saying it out loud merits the opinion as important. Self-control people. It IS important.

Remember when I said I would prefer not to shut my mouth, you know like just a second ago. That is the truth. I do believe some people deserve to get talked down to so that maybe they'll realize just how inappropriate they are being. But in my profession, I can't do that. I simply have to shake my head and make non-descript, agreeable conversation back. No matter what. Frankly, it's awful. Especially in such a small place, with lots of regular customers, most of which are older or off kilter in one way or another. I don't agree with a lot of things these people say or believe. Anywho...back to the small work environment disadvantage. I like the regulars, don't get me wrong. Ok, I don't like all of them, but then again I don't eat every grape in the bag either. You could say I possess discerning tastes. And I don't like the wrinkly ones. I find that customers treat us as a sort of confidant, to which they can spill all of their thoughts no matter how distasteful or disagreeable. Someone did that today, and they weren't a regular, which to me, made it even worse.

And so it begins...

Last customer in house. Single, at the counter, German food, and a self-proclaimed slow eater. Lucky us. Seeing that the only people were JC, the man, and myself, my guess is that he felt more comfortable saying what he said without the general public listening in. Out of dead silence, "You guys once charged me $6.25 for a breakfast of eggs, toast, and home fries($4.50) and a coffee($1.50)." The total with tax for that is actually $6.48, and we told him so. "Well the sign out front says it's $2.99 for all of that." That is the early bird special, which qualifies for 7:30 a.m or before only. Big surprise, he was not in before 7:30. From there he felt the need to inform us that all of the other places with breakfast have it cheaper. Neat. Just neat sir. What I wanted to tell him was that no one was holding a gun to his head to patronize our establishment, and if a cheaper breakfast with worse quality product was what his gut desired, then by golly he was more than entitled to such. Of course, being in my position, I have no right. However, he also had no right. What did either party have to gain from such an observation and blatant criticism?None of our regulars complain. In fact they love the fact that they know they are getting good food, a lot of it,  and friendly faces to make their experience enjoyable(all of which they are happy to pay for).  The most common word I hear out of peoples mouths coming in there is cozy. I don't think they're just trying to be nice. It is a cozy place, and I could see how people feel comfortable there and value that. I know that the service that JC and I provide is damn near flawless, and without communication we work seamlessly together. People like that. Eh, I digress. I guess the whole thing I'm getting at here is simply, why bother? Really, why? I'd love to know. If I can recognize, at 23, how to control what I say and why I should be doing so, a grown adult at least twice my age should be able to do the same. Tell me I'm wrong.

So that's that. Really the only notable thing. I will take this opportunity to eat my own words and give an opinion somewhat based on the above rant. Old people. I like them, they're nice and well versed and all that stuff. I don't like them when they feel entitled to things. Like senior discounts. Complain because you don't get a discount, righhht. Give me a discount. I'm a poor kid who hasn't had the chance for life savings and virtually no outside help. If anyone deserves a break, it's probably me, and people like me trying to make an honest living as kids. Maybe no one gets a discount. Honestly, I'd be alright with that too. Make it an equal playing field for all. And most old people are cheap as it is, with the discount it's not like they would drop more on the service or anything with that extra 10%. You'd think it would be the opposite and they wouldn't be because they should admire young people working hard to make a living just as they once did. I know if I were in their place I would certainly be inclined to reward those coming up after me, just trying to get by, like I have(or rather had if I wanted to stick to the proper tense here). Common sense in my head. I don't know. Perhaps I'm too critical...or cynical. Whichever. Either way, I don't feel the urge to apologize. I am just speaking my truth, which like at the man at the counter, I have the ability and right to do. Difference is, I know the proper place and time.

Fish and Italian tomorrow. That should be a good time.

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