Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm so lucky

I guess I missed all the nightmare customers today. I was however very busy. Not like make a bunch of money busy, more like kept busy. I had better portion of JC's family, who were easy, but of course I feel obligated to give them good service, which is difficult to do while juggling plenty of other people along with general front of the house maintenance. I try hard, but I am still trying to get the hang of a flow while it's busy, and without JC there, it just was a bit more challenging.

So really not a lot to report. I suppose this weekend I'll pepper the blog with a few anecdotes from my earlier times waitressing. Things are much more interesting when there is alcohol involved. I started my career serving at a bar. The bastard offspring of a popular place with staying power in the capital city nearby. Completely brand new. I think that's why I have gotten so good at what I do. I jumped right in to the craziest environment possible. I even worked the test run, or "soft open" if you prefer. The one great thing to come out of that place besides all the expansive experiences and good money in the beginning is my boyfriend. That's where we met. Working together, classic waitress kitchen worker blossoming love.  He is not only a great thing for me to have gotten from there, he is also the most important one. Speaking of, my back really itches, too bad he's not home. Alas, I will be relieved of them soon enough. It's a little off topic but if it weren't for deciding to waitress there instead of working in daycare, I wouldn't have him. For that I will be eternally grateful.

I also made a lot of friends there. I still have some friends from there. Once again, alcohol was involved and made things much  more interesting. All of us have always joked that a movie should be made about all of us. I'd say the first 8 months would be best. After that it just gets less notable. All the great characters were there in the first 8 months. Some still are. I was there myself for about 16 months. My boyfriend is still there.

One day we will work together again when we start our own food adventure. Grilled cheese. Gourmet. That's all I'm saying. I can't wait for that day. I know that we will make it great together. Another growth for the relationship that has already grown so quickly and beautifully. Our newest addition was our puppy. Here he is.

Handsome, no? We love him and where I feel something like this would drive a young, busy couple apart, it has truly brought us closer together. Greatly improved our teamwork skills. One day we'll be able to apply that to our business, our dog, and maybe even our kids if we decide to take that road eventually.

Anyways, most of that didn't really have to do with serving but I can't always take work home with me. And sometimes it just doesn't give me good material anyway.

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