Friday, April 15, 2011

You don't know it all

Again with the opinions. It's like the Grinch, hating all the noise, noise, noise. I hate the opinions of people who stick their nose where it doesn't belong. Gahhhsssshhh (That'd be an exasperated gosh).

I've never wanted a customer to leave so bad. From the beginning this old man had something to say. I feel I'm biased against the elderly. I'm really not. There are so many people that come in who are elderly that I love and look forward to seeing. I also love my grandmas, let it be known. I've never seen this guy before and I care never to see him again.

First he was trying everything we had to offer on god's? (God's?) eh, unimportant....great earth. He ordered the fish fry...but broiled. This comes with french fries and cole slaw. People who come in love our cole slaw and many people opt out on the fries to get something a bit less dense. So no fries. "What can I get instead?" Always the next question. Potato salad or macaroni salad, or for a bit extra some homemade mac and cheese. Potato salad. Ok great. On to the slaw. He wants to try it. I oblige. Tells JC, worst cole slaw he's ever had, insists something in his fridge called German cole slaw is the truth. I don't know what that is. Also tries to lend his vast knowledge of cole slaw, if the cook ever wants to know, he says. So no slaw. That leaves about nothing to substitute. He wants to try the mac and cheese. Once again, I oblige him. Says he doesn't like it but eats the whole solo cup anyway. End result, broiled fish with potato salad. Whilst waiting for his food JC is taking Tylenol for the headache she feels creeping up. "You should take Advil, Tylenol's no good for you." Wow. I wanted to just snap an evil woman look at him right there and ask him what business of his it really was. For all he knew she could have some crazy allergy to Advil discovered by a near death experience. Then what? He probably wouldn't have cared.  Next he asks JC what she is drinking. Gatorade. Once again he insists that is bad for you. What??? Since when? JC proceeded by sharing her triumph of killing the Coca-Cola monster. That crazy caffeine and sugar mix really does create an addiction. And she had one, but she decided to stop and has been doing well, even though there is a cooler full of it right in front of her face. Somehow this man thinks that Sprite is a better alternative because it is caffeine free. Still soda sir. Still bad for you. Not to mention the citric acid wears the enamel on your teeth down like a mother. For someone who seems so well versed in things that are bad for you, I say he really made an oopsie with that one. Oh and he didn't even like the potato salad made another suggestion then proceeded to make it a point to say he was a finicky eater. Why even go out to eat?

So that guy....he made my blood simmer. Pretension is an attribute I have little patience or time for.

Coming this bizarre food/eating habits/anxiety/micromanagement and why it's quite amusing that I waitress.

One more thing....with the old people. Our car was hit today by one. A foreign one that tried to leave and told my boyfriend she wasn't supposed to have the car. No way? You mean you're not supposed to be driving. I would never have guessed that by the way you took a right through an intersection onto a two lane opening and then hit the bumper of the car all the way in the left hand turning lane in the opposite direction of traffic. Unfreakingreal.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pop a wheelie

And she did. You'll understand. Weekend of work wasn't very exciting. Today the same old ladies battled their bill. They still tipped, so that was nice.

Here's a story from long ago!

At my first waitressing job, BBB, the alcohol flows quite generously to the patrons. BBB is a busy bar and eatery....I hesitate to call it a restaurant because I believe it is far from. Anywho, there is a karaoke night there. One particular evening a group of women came in, one of which was in a wheelchair. They sat for a while ate and drank and what not. I'd say a solid hour in, basically as soon as karaoke began, it was clear there was going to be some issues. The woman in the wheelchair downed about 3 tall Jack and Cokes beforehand. She was the first to sing. From there, a tirade of sorts. Wheeling about the bar she became increasingly belligerent. At first it wasn't so bad, she did pop a wheelie, but almost fell backwards in the chair. I was a confused mix of amused and concerned. After being denied the request for another drink, she came up to the bar and slammed her hands on it so hard that the whole thing shook. From there she went to the elevator, where the bar back was unloading some things. She called him a motherfucking faggot. He did nothing to her to warrant that of course, but it is a prime example of how uncontrollably drunk she was. The worst part was her friends didn't seem to care. No concern of any sort. We even asked them to keep her under control because it was getting to the point where she was harassing other customers. They didn't. It was sad to be honest.

We didn't see her again until months and months later. She did not get shit faced. I was glad. Perhaps she learned her lesson that it's not cool to be a sloppy mess, although we've all been there. Maybe she just wasn't in the mood. I'll never know. What I do know is that I'll never forget the show that woman put on and how casually her friends ignored it.

Moral of the story is, whiskey makes you do crazy stuff.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh what a night

And not in a happy way. Ugh. Too much to really explain, and not much to do with the customers. Overwhelming to say the least. Glad it's over, not glad it starts again at 7 a.m. Good news really is next two weekends off! Bully for me.

Not much to report in the way of crazy customers. I did overhear my last customer of the evening say the service wasn't that good. I don't know what was so bad about it. Attentive as usual, overly even. Maybe because the soup and salad was ordered after the entree order had already been put in so they came out too dangerously close together for these folks maybe. Sent them back to sit under the heat lamp. Never got that. Eat in tandem. Enjoy all the tastes of life at once! Why not....better than getting food that has been under the heat lamp I always say. Not really, but I will now because it applies. That's actually never happened before. Maybe it's an old person thing again, I dunno.

I feel the need to touch upon my previous post, calling waitressing a craft. Probably because of my night.  It is a job that requires a lot of focus and personality. Good personality. I am one of three at my job. That means I have to be reliable ALL of the time. No personal drama allowed as interference. Peoples poor choices and crazy lives always interfere. I get punished because I'm reliable and know how to avoid these things pretty well with a firm grasp on reality. I'm depended on by my employer and the customer, and relatively convinced I could wait tables anywhere. I wouldn't necessarily want to, but I could. What I'm getting at is that too many people don't realize what really goes into it, and most aren't selfless enough to be successful or even mediocre at it. Most people just take it for granted. ::le sigh::

That's about all I have the energy for. I've been sparse this week out of circumstance, which is blatant lack of motivation and current material. Life, mainly puppy life, has me exhausted. I forgot how hard it is. I love and enjoy it, but sometimes it is too much puppiness. Serious lack of personal time.

Guessing this weekend of work won't leave me high and dry.